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Character Matters

Character Traits
Real richness is when we are so expensive that no one can buy our character.
What is character?

They say it is like a tea bag. Let’s start with how it looks on the outside. Some tea bags have very lovely labels while some look very plain. Some have fine looking silk tassels while some have regular strings. The position or title we have, the brand of clothes we wear or the kind of car we drive may look impressive on the outside, but what really counts is the kind of person you are on the inside. The belief and attitude you have is what defines the person within.

Second, the real flavor of the tea is revealed in hot water. Hard times often bring out the true character of a person. How do you behave during bad times, when things are not working for you, when business isn’t good, when stress knocks you down and when frustration sets in? The hot water test is good for tea bags so we can get the best flavor. It does the same to humans it brings out our true character. Third, tea bags look forward to hot water. Challenges have a way of showing the true worth of a person. It becomes an opportunity to show everyone your capabilities and what you’re really all about. The next time you encounter tough situations and challenges learn to dive headlong to it just like a tea bag. Stop running away from them just because you’re afraid of failure.

Character is created out of tests. Any test we don’t pass we will have to do it again. It may be easier said than done but we should really learn to enjoy the struggles and challenges we go through because they shape our character. Learn to always give thanks even during the hard times!

Money or character? It can be very tempting to choose money over character especially when it involves a big sum of money right before your eyes. But always choose character. Money can be earned. Choosing money over character can destroy your good name and reputation. Proverbs 22:1 also says, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.” Remember too that a person of character will attract wealth but a wealthy person can never buy good character.

Instant success is dangerous, God will not take us through a shortcut, He’s not fixing things, He is fixing us!