Blog #5

Valuing Time

How we value time is how we value life!

Are you always late? Always in a hurry? Not able to deliver your work on time? Always starting but not finishing anything? Have you fallen into procrastination? I have met a lot of people and saw the difference between successful ones and those who are not. The difference lies on how they value their precious time.

Do you want to be productive every day? Here’s how:


    But not on the same day! Your schedule should be prepared at least 1-2 days ahead. Have your to do list ready for the following day. Don’t make your schedule on the day itself or you’ll end up accomplishing nothing. Choosing not to write them could mean not being conscious of time and being more prone to procrastination. It is always better to write them down. As they say, ink is better than think. So pick that notebook and pen and begin to write down your schedule and things to do.


    Make sure you get to do first the most important and urgent. As you finish each one, check it off your list. Doing it this way gives you that sense of accomplishment, boosts your confidence and motivates you right away. Stop being on reactive mode, don’t get caught up in activities that may make you feel productive but in reality they take you away from your priorities.


    The number one and most popular distraction now is social media. The more focused you are in your work the better your productivity. Place your phone far from your work area. Be laser-focused. Another way to fight off distractions is to set time slots for every task on your list. This helps you keep track of things and helps you avoid procrastination. You can do it!


    What is the order of your approach for each task? Why were they ordered that way? Are the things you’ve chosen to do first in line with your top priorities or did you choose them because they seem easier to do? How much time is wasted on non-work tasks? And more importantly, were the tasks accomplished contributed significantly to your goals or were you just busy?

What eats up your time? Social media? Time spent sleeping? Your travel time from home to office and vice versa? We all have 24 hours a day. Why are other people more productive? Check it carefully. For sure there are things you can eliminate in order to be more productive. Taking time to evaluate things will help you adjust and make you better in the way you make use of your time.

Constantly remind yourself that you are the one responsible as to how you will spend your time. How we value time is how we value life!